Simplot Livestock Specialty Services

The J.R. Simplot Company offers a variety of specialty services to help promote herd diversity and health, ranging from genetic evaluation services and feed formulation ingredients to reproductive products.

Genetic Evaluation

Expert herd genetic assessment to improve cattle operations.

Animal Sciences

Advanced reproductive solutions for livestock producers.


High-quality animal feed phosphate for optimal herd nutrition.

Genetic Evaluation

Simplot Land & Livestock (L&L) offers a cooperative Genetic Evaluation Service™ for Charolais breeders focused on making genetic improvement in terminal sires.


The value in our Genetic Evaluation Service™ is derived from an exclusive and extensive database of accurate phenotypes on both purebred and commercial animals specific to L&L and a limited number of cooperating Charolais breeders.

Animal Sciences

Simplot's Animal Sciences team uses an innovative approach to provide advanced reproductive solutions for beef and dairy cattle producers to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability in a changing market.


Simplot has invested decades of research and improvement to make commercial application of IVF embryos feasible for our customers. Our deep knowledge of IVF technology paired with our history of innovation in commercial agriculture allows us to leverage multiple market approaches to help producers achieve their goals.


Phosphorus – A key ingredient in animal health.

Our difference is simple: Quality phosphate for quality feed. 

The phosphoric acid used in Simphos feed phosphate originates from our company-owned mine in Vernal, Utah, and is fully reacted with a premium white limestone to create a high-quality animal feed phosphate. A precision manufacturing process achieves 100% mono-calcium phosphate for purity and performance.

Other Simplot Livestock Services

Custom Cattle Feeding

Our goal: A positive return on your investment.

Simplot Western Stockmen's

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